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Catering de bronze

(same parts each for € 12.50)


Beetroot salad with feta and acacia honey in a glass jar


Greek farmer's salad with bell capsicum, tomato, cucumber and feta


Wrap rolls with Italian prosciutto


Pumpernickel canapés with caramelized goat cheese


Homemade hummus with falafel balls


Mini cheesecake red groats with vanilla sauce



Catering d'argent

(5 equal parts each € 14.50)


Glass noodle salad with teriyaki chicken


Wrap rolls with pickled salmon


Mini quiche lorraine with bacon and onions


Puff pastry rolls with spinach and feta cheese


Panna cotta with raspberry coulis


Semolina with morello morella



Catering d'or

(5 equal parts each € 16.50)


Wakame salad in a glass with skewer


Blini pancakes with horseradish cream and pickled salmon


Roast beef canapes with homemade tartar sauce


Italian polpette with basil pesto


Crema catalana in a glass jar






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